The Moment That Make Me Really Proud Being a Father

Today is our anniversary. Yes, it’s been 25 years I and Rita, my wife, have been together and for almost 24 years I have been a father of three children. There are so much we have been through in 25 years, bad things and good things. Time is passing by so fast without letting us to realize something missing in between. Bad things are something we have to left behind, but good things are in our memory to remember forever. I thank to the mighty God for keeping us safe and blessing us all the time.

After 24 years being a father, what made me so proud? Was it when the first time I bought my own car? Or when I can buy my children a priceless gift? No! Watching my children’s happiness on their graduation day is the moment I will never forget. It’s happening twice in the last 15 months.

Ivory Graduation

Few days ago was the second moment what made me really proud being a father. When Ebony, my younger daughter graduated from university with cum laude. The first moment was last year, when Ivory, my oldest daughter graduated. They both went to the same university but different majoring. Ivory graduated from Psychology and Ebony from Geology of the University of Padjajaran, Bandung. On those two occasions: when we entered the graduation hall, watching their steps toward the stage and being named as ‘officially graduated’, were the moments I couldn’t forget. I didn’t feel that way when I graduated 22 years ago.

Ebony Graduation

Their graduation made me really proud, but for them this is just a beginning for their real life. Girls, there are so many things will be coming in your future. May God bless you!