Shooting a Fashion Show Using Fixed Lens, It just Works

Last month I attended Bukittinggi Fashion Look event, a public fashion show in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. I wanted to take some pictures from that event. At first I was in doubt because I only have the Fujifilm X100F which is has 35mm focal length plus its TCL (50mm FF equivalent). Yes, I could stand not too far from the front stage, but the stage itself has about 30 meters long. I was worry I couldn’t get sharp image from that distance. But it was too late to rent another camera with tele lens.

I decided I should go on with my camera. I set my Fujifilm X100F to have auto ISO with minimal speed 1/125s to avoid blurring. Auto focus was set to continuous with single point. I shot at F2.0 sometimes at F2.8 to adapt inconsistent room light. While shooting I was playing with joystick to find the spot. By using that method of shooting I thought I’ve already got almost all moments.

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The results weren’t perfect but good enough. I was satisfied getting hundreds of pictures. Here are some pictures from the event.

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