I Am Professionally Hired by This Man, Pria Takari Utama: A Man With Books

Yes, professionally! For long time I have been doing a lot of photo shoot for free. Some time I get paid without actual rate. Now it’s changing, I am available to be hired. My first professional photo shoot is taking series of portraits for “a man with books”, Pria Takari Utama. He is my friend actually, well known as a Public Notary and a writer. We’ve been knowing each other for long time but not close enough to know each other deeply. Some friends say “He is too serious and formal”. I might say yes and no after meeting him few times. So, I need to make him to look as natural as he could be in photograph.

My job is taking series of portraits for business purpose. Pria Takari Utama, as the author of “Notaris Cerdik” (books series) is preparing to open a website. On his website he publish articles about tips and tricks of being a successful Public Notary. He is also preparing an online store inside his website. A modern website and online shop system has been installed and setup by me (I am a photographer and web administrator – I can’t say I am a developer because I am not developing or write codes). The website at www.notariscerdik.com is now in final step to officially launch in few days later.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make him to look natural and friendly in the photos I would be taking. For that matter, I was focusing on his expression without loosing his own style. The style is important, because that make people recognize him immediately. For the job I was using my Fujifilm X100F as always. I love that camera and have been using it since long time ago. Other equipment are: Godox AD600 with 80cm Softbox and XT32 wireless trigger, black blackground.

Here are the results. These photos weren’t fully edited, except the one I use as feature photo. I imported the photos into Adobe Lightroom, set the Classic Chrome profile, slightly adjusted highlight and shadow, cropped and exported as series of jpeg.