Auto Digital Mat And Frame

As a photographer, how do you display your photos on your website? I see most photographers showing off their photos in simple way. How about to show them within digital mat and frame? In my opinion, this will be more attractive. People can view your photos as “printed, matted and framed photos”. They can imagine how the photos will look like when hanging on their wall. How this can be done? There are some ways to make that digital mat and frame, one of them using adobe photoshop tools. I believe most photographers are using photoshop to process their photos.

I am making a set of photoshop actions that can help photographers, at least to save their time, in order to make their photos digitally matted and framed. The actions contain hundreds of matting and framing combination. The Design based on my personal experiences and small research about matting and framing. Everybody can make their own combination with only one click within photoshop. Everything is automatic and easy to use even for photoshop beginner.

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