Amir and Iphe

Last January, I was asked by my friend, Iphe, to shoot her wedding session and a pending engagement session together. Yes, she and her fiance, Amir, were very busy at that time. They had no much time to have an engagement session alone. Not only because of their job, It’s also because of they were living in different cities, Jakarta and Medan, which is about 1500 km distance. It wasn’t the first time for me shooting a wedding session. My friend, Iphe, is also a photographer and I knew she wanted beautiful photos for her engagement and wedding. I promised to shoot her sessions as good as possible even in limited time.

The first session was an engagement. We made an arrangement about the location and time to have the shooting, The location was at The Breeze, near by BSD city. It’s a cozy location. We were agreed to start at about 3:00 in the afternoon, but unfortunately they were late (LOL). Finally, we started at 5:00 in the afternoon. Since we had no much time to select the exact location, we decided to have the session at a cafe. I brought my little camera along with lighting equipment, 2 speedlights, 2 small lightstands and a 36″ shoot through umbrella. They were also decided to have a casual shooting. At first time, Amir was looked a little nervous, but it’s only for few first shoots, the rest were very good. When I saw their photos after taking a break, I knew they were truly in love. As a photographer, when I shoot a couple, I have a feeling if there is a love between them. I can see from their eyes.

The second session was at the wedding day where took place at Iphe’s house. There were not many photos I shot there. Actually, I hate taking photos in crowded event, a wedding ceremonial one of them (LOL). But at Iphe’s wedding, even I didn’t shoot a lot of photos, I still had beautiful photos from her wedding ceremonial. Fortunately, she had a room that has blue wall and I used the room for taking some photos. It’s very cool !

About a month ago, I heard they were waiting for their baby. Maybe their baby will be coming in a few days. Be a good parent to you Amir and Iphe.

Here the pictures from their engagement session.